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Gray Area Festival Dance Exoskeleton

The Exoskeleton makes its debut on the Dance Floor

Technology + Music Create a Unique Dance Experience The history of dancing has been an important part of the human experience that predates written records...
Roam Elevate XO Ski

Enhancing Recreational Activities Using Exoskeletons

Many people from all parts of the world have restrictions when it comes to recreational activities. There are many reasons people cannot participate in...
The Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC) by Lockheed Martin

Creating Super Soldiers: Military Applications of Exoskeletons

In a world where technology is at the forefront of most major fields, exoskeletons seem to be on the way to becoming the future...
Sarcos Robotics Guardian XO

Industrial Exoskeletons: The Future of Labor

Exoskeletons are external components that are used to enhance human motion to reduce fatigue and bodily injury while increasing work quality, production, and focus....
Unlimited Tomorrow

The Field of Exoskeleton Systems: An Overview of the Industry

  We are in a day and age with rapidly advancing technologies constantly changing the forefronts of fields such as medical, industrial, and defense. The...
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